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Threaded Diaphragm Seals

Fill Fluid
Fillable = Glycerin, Low Temperature Glycerin, Silicone, Low Temperature Silicone, Fluorolube, Halocarbon Oil, Vaseline, Fluorocarbon, Slytherm, Paraffin Oil
Process Connection
¼” FNPT, ½” FNPT, ¾” FNPT, 1” FNPT
Connection Type
Available Options
  • Clamped Diaphragm
  • Custom Upper Housing, Lower Housing, and Diaphragm Materials
  • ¼” Flushing Connection on Lower Housing
  • Special Connection Size
  • Male Threaded Process Connection
  • Oxygen Cleaned
  • Material Analysis Certificate
  • High temperature with Grafoil Gasket
  • Clean-Out Ring (available on clamped designs only)
Upper Housing
Chrome Plated Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
Low Housing
Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
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